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By Samuel Abodunrin and Gideon Ogunniye

A lot has been written about how big entertainment start-ups in Africa have become. Nigeria as a case study is the second largest film industry in the world and Africa continent is gradually becoming the largest consumer of entertainment contents. This article drives deeper into the opportunities untapped in the African Movie sector.

Entertainment is no longer alien to Africa, although may be slowly, but Africa has woken up to entertainment and in a unique way. African movie industry now produces mind blowing movies even in the face of limitation of funds and other challenges such as piracy. Creative producers from the continent have been ditching out contents worthy of international standards, and this has attracted foreign investors into the industry. 

How can young people in Africa tap into the abundant opportunities in the African movie industry?

The Production Chain in Movie Industry

Movie production in Africa has 3 basic stages which houses different career options, jobs, businesses and freelance opportunities. They include:

1. Film/Movie development 

2. Film/Movie production 

3. Film/Movie distribution 

Any film production must follow this sequence, and inside each of the stages are different units and human resources needed to execute and complete a film production process. So let’s look at the opportunities in these stages and where you can function. 

Film Development Opportunities

Film development is the first stage in movie production. This stage involves creating the movie idea and what the movie should address.  The story idea can be generated from different sources such as inspiration,  a book , a real life event, happenings  around the writer, or even an idea generated after watching another great movie. 

One of the major challenge in the Africa movie industry is getting a rich and valuable content, and in this challenge lies your opportunity. You can easily become a screenwriter and scripter. 

You maybe naturally creative in terms of writing stories or learn the skills online. So many producers are looking for good stories, you may not even have to feature but just write and sell then you make your money. 

Even if you wish to produce your own story, movies in Africa are cheap to produce unlike the Hollywood, you just need little funds and time to achieve it. Movies based on comedy, love, intrigues and drama sells faster in Africa. 

Film Production Opportunities

This is the largest stage in film making, and it involves different processes such as assembling the production crews, getting the actors, shooting the film and editing the shooting before releasing the movie to the consumers.

Here you can take up a career, job, business or freelance as a:

Choreographer, sound producer, makeup artist, costume designer, animation specialist, movie editor and cinematographer including actor or actress.

You may not necessary need capital or huge capital before you start any of the above but in case you have the resources you can also own a business as:

Film production house owner renting out equipment for film production, renting out facilities for film production or creating Job opportunities online for the above service providers where film producers can easily get all the personnel needed to complete a movie production process.

Film Distribution Opportunities

The distribution of film is the last stage in movie production. Here, the movies produced are converted into different formats such as Blue-Ray , direct download on websites and DVDs. 

The major challenge facing Africa Movie industry is piracy, however, in recent times, some investors have stepped in to tackle the issue and grabbed the huge and inexhaustible opportunity in this sector.  

Iroko TV is an example of a distributor of African movies, the owner Jason Njoku buy film distribution right from producers and has been distributing movies on his online platform since 2010. This has helped in checking pirates and reduce loss for producers. 

You can also come up with a platform where consumers can access films at their comfort zones, making distribution to consumer easier and making consumers gain their profit without fear of piracy while you make your own money and fame.  

Why don’t you find a niche for yourself?

The African movie industry is not doubt a big and fertile sector where you as a young African can start a career career, start a business, freelance, get famous and make money. Big investors like Netflix have seen these potentials and they are investing heavily in the sector .

You should look into any of the sectors discussed above, find where you can solve a problem or where you can use a talent or skill. Money and Fame is in the Africa Movie Industry, don’t wait till you are the last man complaining about economic realities, because on daily basis people are breaking through even in the face of challenges. 

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