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We deliver our webinars and talk shows through our website, Facebook page and YouTube channel. To know more about the project deliverables, subscribe to our YouTube channel . and our Facebook page . You can also follow us on Twitter @FACTcorner_org.

FACT corner webinars, workshops, panel discussions and interview programmes hold on weekly basis.  If you want to participate in any of our events, get in touch with us through or email us at

We are seeking resourceful and talented African youths to collaborate with us to write blog posts, anchor our events, conduct webinars, help with data analysis and publicise our events. If you are interested in working on the project, kindly write the project lead, Gideon Ogunniye (

We provide mentorship, training,  and business support to African youths. If you need more information on the range of supports you can get from FACT corner project, contact us through

If you need the slides for any of our webinar, write us at

General Questions

FACT corner is a community project organised to empower African youths  through webinars, online tutorials, workshops, talk shows, digital tools, online resources and support. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and like our Facebook page to access the range of educational contents we have for you.

  • Provision of effective self-regulated webinars, workshops, online training, conferences, summer schools and social networking events to empower African youths with the required skills to function in the 4th industrial revolution.
  • Provision of educational panel discussion, interviews, and talk shows on trending topics around politics, governance, economic and  leadership opportunities for African youths.
  • Provision of summer schools, workshops and conferences to enhance the skill acquisition and development to African youths.
  • Focus on increasing the social interaction, brainstorming, mentoring, and capacity building of African youths
  • Focus on addressing the social, economic and political issues facing African youths such as unemployment, social discrimination, lack of inclusion in governance limited economic opportunities and threats of armed conflicts and organised violence etc.

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